ICYMI: Here’s What I Mean By “Business Continuity” – 5 Steps to Success

Bryan Weisbard, CPA, CFE: When family and friends ask me what I do for a living, I’m almost always greeted by the same blank, confused stare when I respond with “Business Continuity.” To me and others in our profession, the words seem to fit the job. However, even business-minded individuals

BCI Good Practice Guidelines (Lite) 2018 Edition

The GPG Lite is a condensed version of the BCI Good Practice Guidelines 2018, the definitive guide for business continuity and resilience professionals. The GPG Lite is for any professional looking to take their first steps towards understanding business continuity and improving organizational resilience. GPG Lite gives an insight to what

Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM): Concepts & Applications

As a security professional, have you found that you and others in your company do not always define “security” the same way? Have security interests and business interests become misaligned? Brian Allen and Rachelle Loyear offer a new approach viewed through a risk management lens – Enterprise Security Risk Management

Business Interrupted – Cyber Risk Gets Physical

The magnitude of recent events is posing unprecedented challenges to corporate boards, C-suite executives, and shareholders. It is critically important for business continuity, incident management, disaster recovery, and emergency management professionals to stay informed of developments in the cyber security arena. Dr. Nader Mehravari, Chief Scientist with Axio, and an expert

5 Things Your Organization Needs to Do When Flu or Other Epidemic Strikes

By Michael Sher, Groupdolists: Any smart organization needs to be prepared for the unexpected, especially when the flu or another contagious disease strikes. This year’s flu season, the worst in a decade, has already claimed the lives of 97 children and continues to spread worldwide at a fast clip.  This

What Job Titles Reveal About Compensation

Now in its 16th year, the BCM Compensation Study is globally recognized as the premier compensation assessment for Business Continuity and Resiliency professionals. The study assesses participant’s earning potential by years of experience, degree, years of management and leadership expertise, geography and certification, among other criteria. Data gathered on business continuity

Recently Acknowledged Authorities Join Recognized Subject Matter Experts at 2018 Conference

The 2018 Continuity Insights Management Conference sessions comprise a well-rounded curriculum featuring timely and meaningful content. Featured speakers will give business continuity professionals a chance to discuss resilience at a critical and strategic level. “Our goal in procuring high-profile presenters was to strike a balance between lining up recognized subject matter